Cocktail trend drives soaring liqueur sales

Home cocktail making spurred a massive surge in sales of liqeuers in the off-trade during the summer, according to latest figures from the Wine & Spirit Trade Association.

The organisation’s latest quarterly report shows that sales of non-cream liqueurs rose 56% during the 12 weeks to September 8, compared with the same period in 2017 [Nielsen].

An extra 1.4 million bottles were sold bringing the total to over 4 million.

At the same time, cream liqueur sales increased 33% to 1.7 million bottles.

The WSTA said the increase in sales was helped by the unusually long hot summer and consumers becoming increasingly keen to copy drinks enjoyed in pubs and bars on a night out, with herbal bitter liqueurs and red-orange aperitifs leading the way.

Chief executive Miles Beale said: “In the past liqueurs have often been overlooked in the spirits category but the WSTA market report shows a surge in sales in the UK’s shops and supermarkets in 2018.

“This is partly down to Britain’s long hot summer when tall cocktails over ice were a welcome relief in the heatwave.

“But the liqueurs boom has also been influenced by people sharing cocktail creation trends on social media with consumers keen to recreate these drinks at home.”