That Boutique-y Gin Company adds Proper Pink

That Boutique-y Gn Company is introducing a pink gin, which is described as having “a Boutique-y twist on a traditional recipe”.

Proper Pink is made using premium gin, Angostura bitters and gentian for a bitter, lemon zest-y kick, the producer said. The gin takes inspiration from the Pink Gin drink that was served aboard the Royal Navy ships in the 1800s to prevent seasickness.

The producer explained: “The ‘pink gin’ category is burgeoning, but history knows a different Pink Gin. Modern pink gin tends to be sweet; flavoured with berries, rhubarb or rose petals to create a lightly coloured hued pink spirit that appears to sweet palates. Until the new Proper Pink launch from That Boutique-y Gin Company, the real Pink Gin – premium gin with Angostura – had been mainly consigned to the history books.”

Proper Pink is described as having “a rich pink liquid with a classic bitter taste. It is bold, dry and spicy; designed to be sipped neat or with cold, fresh tonic and an orange slice to garnish”.

The drink will be available in the UK exclusively through Maverick Drinks.

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