Drinks expert trio launches Mexican spirits collection

Three drinks experts have joined forces to launch a new Latin America-inspired spirits collection.

The El Destilado collection is a line-up of 13 agave and sugar cane distillates from Mexico, created by Michael Sager and Marcis Dzelzainis from Sager + Wilde, and Alex Wolpert from the East London Liquor Company.

The collection is designed to express the terroir of the places and producers the trio encountered while travelling in Latin America. The drinks are produced on a small scale, with batches ranging from 70 to 420 bottles.

The first set of drinks in the El Destilado collection features eleven agave and two sugar cane distillates from Mexico. The agave distillates all come from mezcaleros working outside the confines of Mexicos Mezcal Regulatory Council, using ancestral techniques to create non-DO spirits that are “pure expressions of ancient, artisinal methods”. This inaugural El Destilado collection will be priced between £35 and £120 per 50cl bottle. These are available now through Speciality Drinks and they will be listed on The Whisky Exchange from December 2018.

The collection includes the following Agave Distillates (non-DO mezcal):

Sierra Negra (A.Americana)

Mezcalero: Alberto Martinez/ Santa Catarina Albarradas, Oaxaca/ 70 bottles;

Tobaziche (A.Karwinski)

Mezcalero: Pedro Pascual Hernandez-Arrellanes/ Santa Catarina inas, Oaxaca/ 100 bottles;

Barril-Espadin (73% Barril – 27% Espadin)

Mezcalero: Rene Parada Barriga/ Zimatlan de Alvrez, Oaxaca/ 100 bottles;

Pechuga de Ameyaltec (Azul, Papalote Y Pizorra)

Mezcalero: Delfino Tobon/ San Pablo Ameyaltepec/ 100 bottles;

Papalome (A.Angustifolia)

Mezcalero: Amando Alvarez/ Santa Maria Ixcatlan, Oaxaca/ 102 bottles;

Espadilla (A.Angustifolia)

Mezcalero: Luis Sandoval Dolores/ San Juan Bautista Jayacatlan, Oaxaca/ 110 bottles;

Madrecuixe (A.Marmorata)

Mezcalero: Atelo Ramirez/ San Isidro, Oaxaca/ 180 bottles;

Pichomel (A.Marmorata)

Mezcalero: Atelo Ramirez/ Reyes Metzontla, Puebla/ 200 bottles;

Tobala (A.Potatorum)

Mezcalero: Berta Vasquez/ San Baltazar, Oaxaca/ 300 bottles;

Bicuixe – Madrecuixe (Bicuixe Madrecuixe)

Mezcalero: Atenogenes Garcia/ San Isidro, Oaxaca/ 400 bottles

Pechuga de Mole Poblano (Espadilla, A.Angustifolia)

Mezcalero: Marcelo Luna/ Zoyatla, Puebla/ 420 bottles

The range also includes Sugar Cane Distillates (Aguardiente):

Aguardiente de Panela (Saccarum Officinarum)

Maestro: Delfino Cruz/ San Pablo Ameyaltepec, Puebla/ 160 bottles;

Aguardiente de Cana (Saccarum Officinarum)

Maestro: Edgar Gonzalez/ San Cristobal Lachirioag, Oaxaca/ 400 bottles

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