Diageo set to launch campaign to raise awareness of Roe & Co

Diageo is set to launch a major consumer campaign in the UK to raise awareness of its premium blended Irish whiskey brand, Roe & Coe.

The campaign centres around “reimagining the old to create the new”, along with a nod to the brand’s Irish roots and heritage, according to Diageo. The campaign will also champion art, design and the drinks industry through a reinvention of the old with a modern twist. Activations will comprise a mix of workshops, sampling and immersive events, offering people the chance to take part in craft sessions to teach them about once-redundant practices being brought back to life.

The activity is designed to tap into growth in premium blended whisky in the UK as well as the fast growing sector of Irish whiskey. It is also timed to run in advance of Roe & Coe’s new distillery opening, which will take place in Dublin in Spring 2019.

Alan Mulvihill, European Roe & Coe brand ambassador, said: “We are so excited for the upcoming launch of ‘Irish whiskey re-imagined’! Rose & Coe is a unique blend of true Irishness and versatile modernity, which we want to show to consumers through a series of exciting workshops and events.

“We look forward to engaging people and breathing life into old trades and crafts – rejuvenating the old with the new. Watch this space!”

The campaign will also educate consumers on the multiple uses of whiskey in cocktails.

Roe & Coe, which is currently available through Master of Malt, Waitrose and The Whisky Exchange, is described as having a refreshing body, with soft, sweet notes of vanilla, apple, pear and a warming spice. 

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