Gosnells launches first ever Vintage Mead

Gosnells, London’s only Meadery, has launched its first ever Vintage Mead.

Gosnells Vintage Mead 2018 is made from 100% London honey, sourced from hives in Woodberry Wetlands N16 and Lea Bridge Road E10.

The mead has been brewed at the same alcohol strength as most wines, at 12% abv, and it is presented in a wax-embossed 75cl bottle, priced at £25.

The drink was made in October at Gosnells Peckham Meadery, and then fermented for a month in stainless steel.

Tom Gosnell, founder, said: “Gosnells Vintage 2018 is incredibly complex and deep, with notes of blackcurrant, sloe and a hint of spice. It has a totally different taste profile from our core offering, our Gosnells ‘Lightly Sparkling Modern Mead’, which is 5.5% abv and made from the honeys of orange groves in Eastern Spain.

“I had always dreamt of making a mead with local London honey – something that completely encompasses the flowers and blossom of the city – and I am really pleased with the results. It is amazing the variation in flavour you get between different honeys, and with the different weather-derived blossoms of each year. The hot summer of 2018 meant that the flowering season in London was earlier than usual, and this has led to more typically autumnal flavours than you would find in our Gosnell’s 5.5%.”

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