Poetic License Distillery repositions gins to encourage year-round appeal

Poetic License Distillery is repositioning its collection of gins in a bid to deseasonalise the range and expand appeal throughout the year

The independent small batch distillery, based in the North East of England, has announced it is evolving the name and presentation of its Fireside Gin to become 'Spiced'. The move follows activity from earlier this year when it repositioned its Picnic Gin to become 'Strawberries and Cream'. 

The liquid for Spiced remains the same, blending notes from juniper, coriander and orrisroot with a sweetness from dried winter fruits and also a "zingy freshness" from clementine and warmth from the mulling spice blend of cinnamon, clove and star anise.

Grace Noon, marketing manager, said: "We have decided to evolve the name of this wonderfully different gin to better communicate the flavour profile. The new bottle decoraton is a beautiful combination of burgundy and gold foil, that is both differentiated and eye catching for a fantastic stand out on shelf. This remains an exceptional gin for autumn and winter but we hope the new presentation expands appeal and encourages people to enjoy our 'Spiced' gin all year round.

"Drinkers are exploring different gins all the time so it makes sense to deseasonalise the gins in our range that were originally launched as 'summer' or 'winter' choices. For instance, our Picnic Gin is now Strawberries and Cream and continues to sell very well al year round."

Poetic License has been producing gins since 2015, specialising in unexpected new flavours". The gins are available to buy through independent retail stores and online. 

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