Chivas creates DIY blending kit

Pernod Ricard’s Chivas Scotch brand has launched a kit to give whisky lovers the chance to try the art of blending at home.

The kit contains four miniatures of different single malts and one of a blended grain whisky, plus a miniature of Chivas 12 to provide inspiration.

It also comes with a beaker, a pipette and a 5cl empty bottle for the finished blend.

The kit has an rrp of £25 and is being listed by The Whisky Exchange.

Chivas director of blending Sandy Hyslop said: “Every day I get to indulge in my greatest passion, experimenting with the world’s finest malt and grain whiskies to create something extraordinary when blended together, and this passion is something I want to share with other whisky fans.

“Each component in a blend plays an important role in determining the profile of the finished whisky. I can’t wait to see what creations my fellow blenders around the world put together.”