Bud and Heineken dominate global sports sponsorship spend says report

Global beer brands dominate alcohol’s sponsorship of sports according to a new report.

Sportcal says that 40 of the world’s biggest drinks brands spend an estimated US764.5 million on sports sponsorship each year, with 89% of 281 active deals accounted for by beer brands.

Bud Light, Heineken and Budweiser lead the way, the latter as main sponsor of the World Cup in football.

The report reveals that the top 10 biggest alcohol beverage brand spenders account for 55.5 % of those active deals and 87.6% of the global sports sponsorship spend.

Soccer is responsible for almost half of the active deals, with Europe region and its individual teams accounting for the majority of the sector’s total spend.

Conrad Wiacek, head of sponsorship at Sportcal, part of the Global Data Group, said: ‘‘Overall spend is driven by a number of high profile deals, each worth more than US$150 million per year.

“Examples include Bud Light and the NFL, Budweiser and the World Cup and Heineken and the Champions League.

“These show the importance of sports sponsorship for certain beer brands as they seek to increase their visibility and sales volumes.’’

Bud Light, which has deals with the NFL and England’s Football Association, shells out US$249.7 million per year, representing 35.2% of the total global alcoholic beverages sports sponsorship spend.

Heineken has around 16.7% of the annual spend, and 11% of the deals.

Wiacek said: ‘‘Projected future trends in alcohol sponsorship include more short-term deals, a greater emphasis on social media campaigns, intensified efforts to encourage responsible drinking and promote environmental sustainability, and a focus on highly-targeted marketing to reflect the increase in female viewership of sport.’’