Retailers urged to withdraw Easy IPA

The Portman Group has issued a retailer bulletin urging the trade not to stock Flying Dog Brewery’s Easy IPA as it encourages immoderate drinking.

A member of the public complained about the beer, arguing that it is likely to appeal to under-18s and that it looks like a soft drink.

The Portman Group dismissed that complaint, but investigated whether the product packaging encouraged immoderate consumption under Code 3.2 (f).

It decided that the name Easy IPA, combined with a picture of “an inebriated looking creature balancing on one leg” presented an “indication of drunkenness”.

John Timothy, Secretary to the Independent Complaints Panel, commented: “We are disappointed that Flying Dog Brewery do not appear to respect the decision or the process.

“Producers need to be extremely sensitive about the overall impact of their labelling. Use of a phrase that could have been innocuous on its own has taken on a different meaning when considered alongside a drunken looking character.”

A retailer alert bulletin has been sent out asking retailers to withdraw the product by the December 21.