Amaro Montenegro joins Mangrove Global's portfolio

Amaro Montenegro has joined the Mangrove Global portfolio, as part of a move to build the brand within the UK’s retail and bar sectors.

The bittersweet liqueur, which was created in the late nineteenth century, will sit alongside Aperitivo Select and Vecchia Romagna brandy in Mangrove’s portfolio.

Showing its versatility will be a key strategy, the distributor said, and because the drink has an abv of 23% it can be served neat as a digestivo, with tonic as an aperitivo or as an ingredient in cocktails, such as a Montenegroni.

Amaro Montenegro was created in 1885 by Bolognese distiller Stanislao Cobianchi, also known as a “rebel genius”, who went against his family wishes of a career in the church to travel the world, experiencing new cultures, ideas and ingredients. On his return, Cobianchi experimented with countless ingredients and finally determined the ultimate blend of 40 botanicals to create his amaro liqueur. One final element added to the liqueur is the ‘Premio’, which is the result of the “meticulous micro-distillation” of five botanicals and is the final and fundamental ingredient of the secret recipe. The result is a liquid that is amber in colour with a complex aroma, and is “pleasantly balanced” between sweet and bitter.

Nick Gillet, managing director of Mangrove Global, said: “With its heritage, Amaro Montenegro is a welcome addition to the Mangrove portfolio. Its versatility and abv offer the opportunity to take advantage of the low abv cocktail trend currently seen in the UK and allows us to build on the strong foundations of this iconic Italian liqueur.”

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