Brewdog trolls bestselling lagers in combative new ads

Brewdog has trolled a number of popular lagers by launching a new series of ads that mock the scores they earned on

It draws attention to Budweiser’s 0/100 score on the consumer review site that serves as the tattered Moleskine notebook for the digital generation. 

It reminds everyone that its Punk IPA scored 97/100, along with the accompanying caption: “Wassup, Bud?”

“Wassup” became the bestselling lager brand’s catchphrase back in 1999 when characters in a high-profile TV ad slurred it at one another.

AB Inbev purchased a minority share in in 2017, so it is unlikely to see the funny side of the site being used as a stick with which to beat its flagship brand.

But it is not just Budweiser that has felt itself on the receiving end of Brewdog’s latest uncouth campaign.

“Good call, Fosters?” it asks, referencing the Australian brand’s TV ad slogan before mocking it for scoring 3/100.

“Refreshingly perfect?” it asks of Carling, before gleefully reminding everyone of the 1/100 that Molson Coors’ bestselling brand scored.

It also mocks Peroni’s 4/100 score and goes for Stella Artois, the UK’s bestselling alcoholic drinks brand: “That’s reassuring. 9/100.” 

“Craft beer is still less than 4% of the UK beer market,” said the firm. “That means over 96% of beer drinkers are choosing mainstream macro brands over craft beer. Our intention with the campaign is to highlight the difference in quality and taste between craft and mass market beers, as we continue on our mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are.”

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