Indie Brands adds Mezcal Union to its portfolio

Indie Brands has extended its UK portfolio by adding a Mezcal producer that provides business support to other Mezcal families.

Mezcal Union is so-called because it was set up with the aim of creating unity among Mezcal-producing families. It has its own brands – Mezcal Union Uno and Mezcal Union Viejo - which will be available in the UK via Indie Brands.

The story of Mezcal Union began when the founders journeyed into the mountains of Oaxaca, where the most ancient lineage of Mexcal is found. Whilst there they spoke met with local people who explained that the future of Mezcal would be based on union, and working in collaboration would be the path to progress. As a result the founders set out to unite producing families to create a better future.

Ellie Jones, brand manager at Indie Brands, said: “Mezcal Union has such a strong story, we are delighted to represent them in the UK market and begin spreading the word on their course. Sustainability and protecting the well-being of producers is at the core of Mezcal Union and is something that will resonate with the UK trade and consumers alike.”

To date Mezcal Union has brought together more than 50 producing families across 20 palenques, offering them all a fair business model and a path to more social and economic development. Each bottle carries their idea – Mezcal is Union.

The first product Indie Brands will distribute is Mezcal Union Uno, which is from the San Balthazar Guelavila region in Oaxaca. It is described as being “a unique combination of Espadin and Cirial agave”. It is also said to have soft fruit notes and a degree of body, which is uncommon for a younger Mezcal. 

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