Eisberg signs up to London's Mindful Drinking Festival

Eisberg has signed up to London’s Mindful Drinking Festival where it will present a raft of summer-themed wine-based cocktails.

The event, which was initially launched in 2017, is spearheaded by mindful drinking movement Club Soda and this year the event (on August 28) it will embrace all things tropical with a seaside and beach theme in London’s Spitalfields Markets.

Visitors will be able to sample the full range of Eisberg Alcohol Free Wines as well as new alcohol-free drinks, including seven new alcohol-free spirits and nine alcohol-free beers. 

The Mindful Drinking Festival, in association with Heineken 0.0, is expected to attract more than 10,000 fans, “from the sober curious and mums-to-be, to foodies and fitness fanatics”, meeting a growing curiosity for healthier low and no-alcohol drinks.

Andrew Turner, director of wine for Eisberg, said: “The category is in growth and Eisberg is leading the way with 60% of the market share.

“This is our chance as producers and distributors, to stand up and shout about the increase in quality of our products, from the largest producers to the smallest artisan creators. We need to show people that are choosing to go alcohol-free – for whatever reason – that they don’t need to feel excluded from the occasion.

“We have spent years working on the quality of the Eisberg liquid, innovative and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the market and this is a fun way to encourage everyone to raise a glass without that morning after feeling.”
Club Soda founders Laura Willoughby MBE and Dr Jussi Tolvi, said: “The most common request we get is for ideas about what to drink instead of alcohol, so we decided to curate our favourites and create a festival for everyone.

“The festival is great for those going sugar-free, on a fitness regime, drinking more mindfully, or going alcohol-free. There are many reasons why people may want to swap out a few alcohol drinks for something a bit healthier.

“This event with give everyone a chance to try newly released products and find a new favourite tipple. It is the only festival where only the glasses get smashed.”

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