Cellar Trends reveals Luxardo's latest premium cherry creation

Cellar Trends is expanding its Luxardo range in the UK with the launch of a Sour Cherry Gin later this summer.

The product, which the company claims is the only sour cherry gin widely available in the world, has a deep red colour and aromas of Marasca cherry and juniper notes. It is described as having a velvety texture and sour cherry finish. Its base is Luxardo Dry Gin, which is made using a recipe dating back to the 1900s using nine botanicals: coriander, licorice, cinnamon, cardamom and bitter orange. A touch of sour cherry juice is added.

Craig Chapman, marketing manager for Luxardo at Cellar Trends, said: “Luxardo is the master of flavour when it comes to cherries. We are set to make it a high impact launch year for Luxardo South Cherry Gin. It is very much a gin, and so is distinct from other liqueurs such as sloe gin. Therefore it can be used as the main spirit in a cocktail and also be enjoyed in an unusual gin and tonic serve, giving a subtle rosy hue and intriguing nuance of flavour.

"We aim for as many bartenders as possible, and others in the trade, to taste it, and we will bring it alive with showcase events. Extensive consumer sampling is also in planning.”

The gin joins Luxardo’s portfolio of premium cherry products, including Maraschino, Sangue Morlacco cherry liqueur and Marasca Cocktail Cherries.

Sour Cherry Gin has a retail price of £28 for 70cl.