The HAH Whisky Company revives The Higginbottom brand

The HAH Whisky Company has announced it is reviving the brand name 'The Higginbottom', starting with four limited-edition launches.

Founder and md of the HAH Whisky Company, Leo Scott-Francis, said: “My grandfather Nicholas Fisk, was known for writing children’s books. He was also a passionate lover of single malts who taught me about the whisky distilleries of Scotland. He himself was the grandson of HA Higginbottom, producer of the famous Higginbottom Club Blend. This is why the HAH Whisky Company is reviving The Higginbottom brand. We are once again bottling under our family name.”

The four whiskies being launched are:
1989 Bunnahabhain – Cask 7714 (rsp: 165) – Bourbon barrel, non-chill filtered; 1989 Bubbahabhain – Cask 7719 (rsp: £165) – Bourbon barrel, non-chill filtered;  1990 Strathclyde – Cask 110036 (rsp: £120) – Bourbon barrel; and 2009 Heaven Hill – Cask 152736 (rsp: £60) – Bourbon barrel.

Scott-Francis added: “Launching two subtly different Bunnahabhain 89 expressions is an excellent way to start our Higginbottom revival, providing rare whiskies casks and bottles from the finest distilleries on the planet. We were so impressed by the Stratchlyde 90 and had no option but to release this one as a Single Grain. The 8 Year Old Heaven Hill might be considered young by Scotch standards, but we are confident that we have bottled this Bourbon at its optimal maturity.”

The Whisky Market, trading as part of the HAH Whisky Company, is known for selling whisky casks while providing “a trustworthy offering” for private buyers.

The company buys casks from investors for bottling under The Higginbottom brand.

The Whisky Market currently has upwards of 750 casks (grain, single malt and bourbon whiskies) under management from more than 40 of distilleries across Scotland and America. 

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