Cornish Orchards adds Dry Cider to portfolio

Cornish Orchards is introducing a Dry Cider in kegs and 50cl bottles.

The producer, which was acquired by the Fuller’s Beer Company in 2013, has brought out Dry Cider, made from three apple varieties: Harry Masters Jersey, Dabinet and Michelin. The drink has a full, fruity flavour with a dry finish, due to the tannins in these apples.

Patrick Gardner, general manager, said: “Dry Cider is perfect for the drinkers who are looking to move away from the sweet ciders that currently dominate the market.”

Cornish Orchards is based at Westnorth Manor Farm, part of the Duchy of Cornwall Estate. Andy Atkinson, founder and managing director, started out with a dairy farm and crafted apple juice as a hobby. Demand grew for products in the juice side of his business so he gave up dairy farming n 1999 to focus solely on juice production. In 2022 he created his own cider and today, Cornish Orchards produces a wide range of craft ciders, pressed juices and soft drinks.

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