Japan launches campaign in UK to promote saké

The Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Centre (JFOODO) has launched a new multi-media advertising campaign to transform the way sake is served and enjoyed in the UK.

The campaign is designed to “challenge and inspire” wine enthusiasts and food lovers, to encourage them to fully appreciate the versatility of sake by pairing it with non-Japanese food such as fish and chips, oysters and cheese.

As part of the campaign, JFOODO, which is established by the Government of Japan, has launched a new website – www.foodandsake.com - which introduces a range of sake brands and their food ‘harmonies’, while also dispelling some of the myths around sake.

Yoku Shuto, spokesperson for JFOODO, said: “Sake is enjoying a revival, with many more enthusiasts discovering new premium brands that have appeared in the UK in recent years. But there are still some misconceptions around sake, including that it should only be paired with Japanese food, and that it is best enjoyed hot, served in ceramic cups. This campaign challenges consumers to reframe their experience of sake by highlighting the many different grades and tastes of sake and how they enhance a wide range of other dishes, from Italian to classic British food.”

The intensive campaign, which includes outdoor and advertising, backed by a digital media campaign, will run initially in London. Its official launch was celebrated at an exclusive tasting event “A Sake Discovery”, in London, hosted by JFOODO and featuring The three Wine Men, wine experts Olly Smith, Oz Clarke and Susy Atkins, and sake enthusiast Rie Yoshitake.

The gathering also included a call to action, inviting new enthusiasts to actively participate in the campaign by posting pictures of food and sake discoveries, using the hashtags #foodandsake, #food and #sake. 

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