Gigglewater links up with British National Film Academy

Gigglewater has announced its official partnership with the British National Film Academy, as well as the sponsorship of the Best Newcomer category, at the National Film Awards UK on March 28 this year.

The National Film Awards UK is an annual awards ceremony, created by the National Film Academy, to celebrate the achievements of the film industry.

Gigglewater, which takes its name from the 1920s American slang term for alcoholic beverage, will receive naming rights to the Best Newcomer category at the awards, whose nominees are: Harry Styles (Dunkirk), Daniel Kaluuya (Get out), Harry Gilby (Just Charlie), Harry Michell (Chubby Funny), Cosmo Jarvis (Lady Macbeth), Lily Newmark (Pin Cushion), Naomi Ackle (Lady Macbeth) and Ella Purnell (Access All Areas).

Catherine Monahan, founder of Gigglewater, said: “This is a metaphoric sponsorship of sorts - Gigglewater is a newcomer to the drinks industry and this sponsorship is celebrating a newcomer in an important category in film. The sponsorship will give Gigglewater some great exposure with our target audience, both in the UK and globally.

"We are delighted to have Gigglewater Prosecco DOG Treviso on the ceremony tables, our Secco cans in goodie bags, main stage branding on the night, branding in the National Film Awards magazine and editorial features across a variety of London publications in the lead up to the awards – it’s an amazing opportunity.

"What really appealed to us about the sponsorship, was that the public have the opportunity to vote in all of the 18 categories at the National Film Awards UK. This year a record 2.4 million people shared their nominations and we are looking forward to introducing the Gigglewater brand to as many of them as possible.”

The Gigglewater brand is comprised of a number of global sparkling products, as well as craft beer and craft spirits. 

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