Yorkshire's first malt whisky distillery launches second Maturing Malt

Yorkshire’s first malt distillery has launched the second of its Distillery Projects, ahead of the first bottling of its single malt whisky in 2019.

Spirit of Yorkshire’s Distillery Projects 002 is a limited edition Maturing Malt spirit, which offers “a glimpse into the maturing casks” at the Hunmanby, North Yorkshire distillery.

The second of a series of four collectible spirits, DP002, is described as being ‘light, fresh and fruity, with notes of honeycomb, hot cross buns, barley sugar, gingerbread, orange sponge cake, black pepper, pear drops and white chocolate’.

Whisky Director, Joe Clark, said: “With DP002 we wanted to showcase the lighter of our two spirit styles and create a more fruit and distillate driven expression. In contrast to our first release, where the focus was on our richer, heavier spirit style and more wood driven flavours, this new release really sings in your glass, and, like the first, is sensational easy drinking.”

Distillery Projects 002 differs from the first Maturing Malt, DP001, due to the increased proportions of spirit which was partially distilled using the distilleries 4-plate rectifying column. The column works in tandem with a traditional 3500litre spirit still, increasing the spirit’s copper contact enormously during distillation, giving a lighter, cleaner flavour profile to the new release, according to the company. The limited run is a marriage of three cask types including bourbon, olorosso sherry and re-conditioned red wine casks.

Spirit of Yorkshire was launched in 2016 and is a collaboration between farmer and brewer, Tom Mellor from Wold Top Brewery and business partner, Davivd Thompson. The pair have invested in following their dream of creating a Yorkshire whisky “that doesn’t simply replicate Scotch”.

Mellor said: “Making a whisky from scratch requires curiosity, commitment and, most of all, time. We have invested heavily in all three, taking the best of tradition and following our instincts to produce what promises to be a unique, noteworthy whisky.

“At the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery, we are making the county’s first single malt whisky. We are obsessed with distilling, from grain to glass. Our instinctive approach is all about taking the best of tradition and applying new thinking. We didn’t set out to just replicate Scotch, but to create a whisky that is filled with our own unique spirit and that of our local area. We are committed to making every drop of our whisky from first principles. We only use locally and sustainably produced ingredients – all the barley and spring water we use is grown and sourced from our family farm just a few miles away from the distillery.”

Distillery Project 002 is limited to 2000 individually numbered bottles. The release is priced at £39.95 and is available to buy through the website and distillery shop. Distillery Project 001 sold out within four weeks of its launch, and the second launch is expected to sell our more quickly as it has been matured for longer, and is closer to the date it can be called Yorkshire’s first malt whisky. 

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