Broadland Wineries launches Proudly Vegan range

Broadland Wineries is introducing Proudly Vegan, to tap into growing demand from consumers who are making this lifestyle choice.

Nearly one per cent of the population is now vegan, which is an increase of 300% since 2006. More than 42% of this group are aged between 15 and 34, and 63% are female.

Broadland said it isn’t claiming that Proudly is the first vegan wine, but it said it is the first where everything is 100% vegan “down to the ink and glue on the labels”.

The Proudly range starts with two grape varieties both from Chile’s Central Valley: Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. The brand, which is registered by the Vegan Society, will retail for £6.99.

Dr Arabella Woodrow, Broadland’s MW, said: “We wanted vegans to be able to buy great tasting wine with the confidence that every element is 100% vegan. There is no need for vegans to miss out on good quality wine, and Proudly Vegan fills that gap. The bold Proudly Vegan branding, with clear labelling, will also help consumers find that they want easily in store instead of having to scrutinise every label to make sure.”

Additional varietals will be added to the range in the coming months.

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