Gunna Drinks reveals craft soft drinks range

A London producer is introducing a range of craft soft drinks in a bid to help retailers minimise the effect of the impending sugar tax.

Gunna, which contains less than 5% sugar, is targeted at millennials. The drinks contain a “unique flavour profile” that blends sweet, sour, bitter and spicy notes, creating drinks that millennials might find more intriguing and complex than traditional soft drinks, according to the company.

The new range currently comprises two flavours: Original (which blends sparkling water, natural gingers and aromatic flavours), based on a recipe that was originally invented by the British Navy as a remedy for sea sickness, and Steelworks (sparkling water, natural gingers and cola tonic), which is based on a drink enjoyed by Cape Town’s thirsty steelworkers.

Two further variants are set to join the range shortly: Pink Punk (a mix of sparkling water, natural raspberry and lemon), taking inspiration from the Shirley Temple cocktail, popular in Asia; and Muscovite (sparkling water with natural lemon and mint), which is a cloudy lemonade based on a recipe famous in Moscow. All four will be available in cans and also glass bottles, priced at 99p each.

Ceo and founder, Melvin Jay, said: “We looked to the craft drinks market for inspiration which has seen rapid growth in recent years. Younger consumers feel that soft drinks lack real character both in terms of taste profile and personality, so we wanted to bring some true character back to carbonates and make it a sector that gets consumers excited.

“We know there is a real opportunity to capitalise on the demand for healthier, more authentic soft drinks, but people need to have a clear reason to pay the extra money. At Gunna, we have a very focused brand proposition and we are looking to bring back true character and style. Low on sugar doesn’t have to mean low on taste and stand-out flavours are at the core of what we do.”

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