Independent wine merchant would spark “more graveyard sex”

Concerned folk living in Ware have opposed plans for a high-end independent wine store because it could lead to “more graveyard sex”.

Councillors in the Hertfordshire town have vowed to oppose an application to covert a Grade II listed building into an “up-market wine shop and bar”.

The hybrid model has been successful for many retailers across the UK, including Vagabond, Vino Vero and Ten Green Bottles.

But the exasperated people of Ware claim they already have enough watering holes in the town, which boasts the likes of Punch House, The Lodge and Jacob’s.

A lady living near the proposed site for the store told the Hertfordshire Mercury: “In the graveyard I’ve seen people having sex, we’ve had people weeing in our doorway, we’ve seen ladies in the alleyway opposite squat weeing, falling over and rolling in their wee — and that’s just with the current bars that are there.

“If more are introduced, especially an establishment so big that could cater for so many more customers, we are really concerned that that will adversely impact what is happening outside.”

Councillor Stephen Reed said the town could suffer an even worse fate than graveyard sex if the wine merchant and bar were to open: an invasion of people from Enfield.

“Ware had a lot of problems with the nightclub down in Amwell End when it was Becketts,” he said. “The capacity of Rankin House [the proposed building for the new store] is huge. If that’s going to be a wine bar, the amount of people in there, coming out at 1am in the morning, is just going to draw people from Enfield, all over, coming into Ware. You’re opening a can of worms.”

Town councillors opposed to the plans hope that Rankin House will instead be converted into offices or residential use, but did not speculate as to whether or not this might attract people from Enfield.

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