Chateau Fleur Haut Gaussens reveals 100% Cabernet Franc

Chateau Fleur Haut Gaussens has launched a new cuvee made from 100% Cabernet Franc.

The idea for La Bergeronnette came from a small, independent and secretive bird called ‘la bergeronnette’ (white wagtail), which is often to be found perching on the vine posts in the Cabernet Franc vineyard. This small plot of two hectares with clay soil is situated at height, on a sub-soil that is very rich in limestone. The combination of the terroir and a precise and unconventional technique make this 100% Cabernet Franc particularly innovative, according to the producer.

The winemaker, Herve Lhuillier, said that the gentle and complex production method also contribute to making this wine special. This includes slow and gentle management of extraction in stainless-steel tanks and very little pumping over to allow the Cabernet Franc to unveil the pure aromas of the grape variety. By ageing just one third of the wine in 400-litre barrels the resulting wine has silky tannins, he explained.

The launch of the wine, which is priced at £22.50, follows the success of Lhuillier’s Chateau Fleur Gaussens Malbec “La Viminiere” (rrp: £22.50), and both will be distributed by Berry Bros & Rudd, along with Chateau Fleur Haut Gaussens Bordeaux Superior 2014 (rrp: £13.93).

Buyer, Nickie Daste, said: “Chateau Fleur Haut Gaussens deserves all the accolades it has won over the years; we are proud to represent the estate’s wines in the UK.”

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