Skinny Brands earns £1.5 million investment to roll out low-calorie lager

Low calorie BWS supplier Skinny Brands has secured a £1.5 million cash injection to allow it to roll its brands out across the UK and Ireland.

The firm launched Skinny Lager last year and it has already secured listings with Asda, Tesco and Morrisons.

Sales broke through the 2 million bottle barrier in November 2017, and Skinny Drinks also supplies and range of RTDs.

They are all gluten free and vegan friendly, and the 4% abv lager has just 89 calories per 33cl bottle.

Founders Tom Bell and Gary Conway launched a bid to whip up a minimum of £500,000 worth of investment, but secured three times that.

Bell, the managing director, said: “When we launched SkinnyBrands 12 months ago we were confident we were going to innovate the alcohol sector and do something no company had done before. 

“Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of calorie intake and the need to lead a healthier lifestyle, but no other alcohol brand had created a product that matched the consumers’ needs without compromising on taste or strength. 

“All of the investors recognise the importance of this innovation and were able to see the success of the brand over the past 12 months, which has been achieved with limited funding or financial support. 

“Having this backing going into 2018 means we are able to introduce SkinnyBrands to even more consumers, educate them on smarter ways to enjoy alcohol, compete with established brands and household names across on and off trade, and increasingly open up export markets.” 

Since its launch the brand has seen sales of Skinny Lager quickly gain momentum, due to increased interest and listings, with its one millionth bottle leaving the brewery in September, closely followed by the two millionth bottle in November. 

Investors include former Goldman Sachs managing director Nigel Robinson, former Star Bev chief operating officer Mihai Albu, Fat Face founder Tim Slade and two former AB Inbev executives, Gauthier de Biolley and Ian Stephens.

Robinson said: “Skinny Brands has successfully established the low calorie, full strength alcohol sector, with a great tasting lager. There is nothing else like it on the market and with the backing of myself and the other investors we are confident it can become a major player in the alcohol industry.  

“Its consumer focused innovation approach has put the drinker at the centre of everything it does, which is the cornerstone to its success so far. 

“'With further financial backing and its forward-thinking owners, the brand will be able to launch new products to market, while building on current listings, further cementing themselves as market leaders.” 

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