UWA debuts with Scotland's first tequilas

Scotland’s first tequila company has officially launched, releasing the world’s first Speyside whisky cask-aged tequilas to the market.

UWA tequila, which is based in Aberdeen, is described as “the first tequila brand in the industry to put a Scottish twist on the traditional Mexican spirit”.

Owners Michael Ballantyne and Ross Davidson invested a six-figure sum to set up the luxury tequila brand, and now they are ready to bring their products to the UK’s off and on-trades.

The super premium triple distilled 100% Blue Weber spirit is aged in pre-filled Speyside whisky casks, which are exported from Scotland and transported to Tequila in Mexico. This is the first time a tequila has been created by ageing it in Scotch whisky casks without combining different blends, according to the duo.

UWA’s portfolio comprises a platinum blanco, a seven-month cask aged reposado and a 14-month cask aged anejo, which the company will release in Spring next year.

Ballantyne, said: “UWA Tequila is like nothing else on the drinks market at the moment. It’s been a long time developing everything for the brand, but we have put a lot of effort into producing the very best tequila with our own Scottish twist.

“Being native Scots and knowing our whisky’s rather well, we simply took inspiration from the whisky industry and applied it to our tequila. Ageing in various casks gives each one a unique expression, and we wanted to be the first people to do something really different in the tequila industry. Our aim is to provide artisanal tequilas aged in barrels from Single Malt casks, to casks that are used by some of the finest wineries in the Napa Valley.

“The brand really is all about thinking outside the box and doing something different. Being very new to the drinks industry we have had to learn a lot quickly, but for us, educating people on the right ways to enjoy tequila while promoting responsible drinking is a key part of our business.”

Co-founder Davidson said: “We make the tequila in the same way as anyone else does, but the fact we started out with an industry first using Single Malt Scotch Whisky casks does make our tequila stand out.

“Traditionally companies use American bourbon casks for ageing tequila so we have taken a really innovative approach in doing something completely different to the norm.

“Our core range has three 40% abv products in it, but we are already looking into ageing tequila in number other types of casks to create really high quality, super premium small batch tequilas. We’ve also have some extremely rate ones to follow, but we are not revealing too much at the moment.”

The company works in collaboration with a Mexican tequila distiller in Tequila to produce their spirits.

UWA’s tequilas will be distributed by Gordon and MacPhail and independent company, Bootstrap Liquor. The tequila retails from £55.

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