Thatchers extends its Cider Barn range of special vintage ciders

Thatchers is introducing Dabinett and Redwood variants to its Cider Barn range.

The series of special vintage ciders feature small batch runs, with each cider demonstrating a particular skill or story about the apple varieties chosen. The ciders can be made from single variety, dual variety or a blend.

The 6% abv Thatchers Redwood is blended from a selected range of bittersweet and culinary apples, including Katy, Harry Masters, Dabinett and Yarlington Mill. The cider is infused with new oak during maturation to add a subtle note of vanilla. Redwood is described as a golden cider with a rich and intense character.

The second variant is Dabinett, which is a single variety cider crafted from the Dabinett apple. The 5.3% abv cider is soft, full-bodied and has hints of vanilla aroma. The Dabinett apple creates a medium sweet cider, which is amber in colour and has a full-rounded mouthfeel. The cider makes a return to the Thatchers range following a few years’ break.

In 2016 Thatchers released its 8.4% abv Redstreak Cider within the Cider Barn range. Redstreak will continue to be a part of the Cider Barn range next year.

Martin Thatcher, fourth generation cidermaker, said: “Being able to produce batch ciders with some of our favourite apple varieties of each harvest is a real joy. This year Redwood has enabled us to look at new ways of maturing this cider – by infusing with new oak, we have been able to create a rich, intense character to this cider.

“The Dabinett apple has long been recognised as an outstanding English cider apple, producing an excellent quality cider. The cider is bright and golden, and will appeal to those who like a fine, robust, traditional cider.”

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