BrewDog launches latest protest beer to tackle climate change

BrewDog has launched its latest protest beer, which it hopes will “shake the world by its shoulders” and remind leaders to prioritise Climate Change issues.

Make Earth Great Again was conceived by the brewer following America’s decision to withdraw from Paris Accord.

Make Earth Great Again is a saison style beer, which is fermented at a higher temperature than other beer styles, which BrewDog said is “an appropriate nod at the effects of global warming”.

The new beer is to be served directly from a beer tap built into a life-sized polar bear replica and it contains ingredients sourced from areas most affected by global warming.

The limited release beer is also available in bottle form from the brewer’s website and craft beer bars and shops around the world. BrewDog said it has also sent a case to The White House in an attempt to capture the attention of the American President.

Co-founder James Watt said: “Make Earth Great Again is a reaction to declining interest from notable world leaders to the biggest issues facing our planet and civilisation. Beer is a universal language, with the capacity to make an impact the world over, so we decided to make a statement and brew a beer that could have a direct, positive impact on climate change both through supporting an organisation making a difference, and providing a vehicle for craft beer fans to make their voices heard by the establishment.

“This beer is a statement of intent to hold a mirror up to all of the establishment figures that could and should do more on an issue that affects everyone on the planet. We hope everyone who can make a positive impact on climate change at a legislative level takes note of what the beer represents.”

All proceeds from sales of the beer will be donated to 10:10, a charity lobbying for legislative changes to tackle climate change.

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