Van Winkle secrues higher yield for new release of aged bourbons

The highly-prized Van Winkle bourbon brand says yields for this year’s release of its whiskeys are “a bit higher” than last.

It says there will be more stocks of its 10-, 15- and 23-year-old whiskeys available but the 13-Year-Old Van Winkle Reserve Rye will not be released this year.

“We have a one year gap in barrel inventory for the Van Winkle Rye,” says Kris Comstock, senior marketing director. 

“Our current barrels are 12 years old. So rather than compromise on quality or remove the age statement, we decided it would be best to hold off this year and bottle them next year as the 13 Year Old Rye Whiskey fans have come to expect.”

Van Winkle bourbons are noted for their longer ageing and have a revered reputation among bourbon connoisseurs. 

Most of the stock is sold in the US but the brand is represented in the UK by Hi-Spirits.

Van Winkle recently declared war on counterfeit sales which it says are being made through online marketplaces and Facebook groups.

“Some bottles they are selling might be counterfeit, filled with lesser whiskey, or worse, something that’s not even whiskey and potentially dangerous,” said Comstock.

“At the bare minimum, it’s illegal to buy and resell whiskey if you are not a licensed retailer, and we’re not afraid to take action if we find out.”