Thatchers freshens up Katy image as varietal celebrates its 21st

Thatchers has unveiled a new look for its Katy varietal cider. The revamped label is being introduced to coincide with the 21st harvest for the apple at Thatchers’ Myrtle Farm in Somerset.

The company said it hoped the new label would convey its “single variety character to consumers in a bright and vibrant way”.

Katy is pressed and bottled at Myrtle Farm at 7.4% abv. Thatchers said its natural fruit acidity makes it a great pairing for foods such as sole and plaice, prawns and shellfish.

Martin Thatcher, managing director and fourth generation cidermaker, said: “Katy is a beautiful cider, light and softly sparkling, and has always had a very loyal following.

“The new label will make Katy more accessible to a new audience. We’re sure that Katy will make many new friends who enjoy a premium cider with real character.

“It’s 21 years since we first produced Katy cider. She’s come a long way since then, and this new label is a great way to celebrate her continued success.” 

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