AlesByMail scraps postage costs in UK

AlesbyMail has announced what it claims is a “game changer” for the UK’s home delivery market, as it scraps postage costs to UK mainland.

The online beer sector, which has enjoyed sharp growth during the craft beer boom, has become increasingly competitive, according to AlesByMail MD, Paul Kruzycki.

He said: “Alongside the rise of craft brewers, there are more and more online retailers looking to cash in on the craft beer boom, but with varying success. Broadly, there are two types of player in the market, those who offer a pick and mix range and concentrate on long-term customer loyalty like us, and those offering a subscription model. The latter cannot offer the option of free shipping as their margins are tiny. This second part of the sector also has what we refer to as ‘Churn and Burn beer clubs’ who will come and go, doing consumers, brewers and the sector no long term good at all.

“The part of the market we have pioneered, is for the ore serious craft beer fan seeking to source beers from the UK and around the world. It is this market that our latest move to remove postage costs, will completely disrupt.”

He added: “We enjoy a very strong position in our market, not least because we have been around since the beginning of craft beer, a position that allows us, through having great long-standing relationships with the UK’s best brewers, to negotiate advantageous terms with both them and due to our consistent volumes, with couriers, to control costs. It is this level of cost control and managing our margins, that has meant we can bring this postage free element to the consumer as a first step in continuing to build customer loyalty. While it is likely that competitors might follow suit, I am confident that our organisation, will maintain the post free element without having to ramp-up the cost of the products.”

AlesByMail delivers beer from UK brewers such as Beavertown, Magic Rock and Cloudwater, as well as a range of beers from around the world.

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