Robinsons revamps Old Tom range

Robinsons has revealed a new look for its Old Tom range as well as a new variant, which is set to join the iconic beer line up.

The Stockport-based brewer, one of only 32 independent family-run breweries in the UK, has introduced a new look for its Old Tom trio of Original, Chocolate and Ginger. The label was specially designed by independent illustrator Paul Robbins.

The brewer is also adding to the range with Blonde Tom, a Belgian-style blonde ale, and the first new liquid in more than nine years to join the Old Tom line up.

Gill Yates, brands manager for Robinsons Brewery, said: “Old Tom is engraved into our heritage at Robinsons. Its world fame has been built over more than a century and its proven qualities and long history have made it a firm favourite for traditional drinkers and craft enthusiasts alike. It has been with us since 1899, ever since our head brewer sketched the old brewery cat Tom, into immortality, and over the years we have incorporated new flavour varieties such as Ginger and Chocolate.

"However, it has been almost a decade since we really did anything new with this incomparable brand. This is because we have been holding back an important brewery secret. One we’ve guarded for nearly 120 years…. Old Tom matures beautifully over time. Even over years. This vital characteristic led to a central brand truth – some things get better with age, and so does Old Tom.”

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