Tennent Caledonian reveals premium bottled ale collection

Tennent Caledonian has launched a collection of premium bottled ales, in response to the rapidly growing bottled ale market.

Caledonia, which is designed to target a new generation of ale drinkers, includes three beers: Outpost IPA, Double Hop and Hopscotch, each at 5% abv.

Caledonia Outpost IPA has a recipe influenced by the earliest pale ales made by the producer. The brew has subtle fruity notes which are dominated by strong, malty grain flavours and a punchy, hoppy character. Double Hop is slightly sweet with fruit flavours and a citrus nose, while Hopscotch is a whisky oak beer with a smokey, wood flavour and a hint of vanilla.

Wendy Espie, senior brand manager, said: “The premium bottled ale market is expanding quickly and there is real consumer demand for high quality beers, something two thirds of beer drinkers believe is worth paying more for. Premium ale is currently the most innovative category in drinks and there is a clear consumer desire to seek out and try new products, with over half of beer, wines and spirits shoppers saying they would like to try new and different products.”

The drinks come in 50cl bottles and listings have already been confirmed in Tesco and Co-op. 

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