Pioneer Brewing Company to launch UK beer school

Pinoeer Brewing Company, the craft and speciality division of AB InBev UK, has announced plans to launch a professional beer school. 

The company plans to bring beer education to beer trade professionals and craft beer enthusiasts, though a professional programme called Beer Professional Education and Training (BPET). The course has been developed for the UK by 'Master Cicerone's': Mirella Amato and Rich Higgins, who are two of just eleven to have secured the Master Cicerone professional beer title. 

Jonny Tyson, beer knowledge and training manager at Pioneer Brewing, said: "The number of breweries and the range of beers available in the UK has never been more exciting. As consumer knowledge of craft beer increases, they need help from a server who really understands beer flavours, styles and service to helop them navigate through the vast number of choices available."

The school, which will use venues around the UK (starting with Leeds and London), will launch in Spring 2017 with two courses initially: Pro Beer Sommelier Level 1 and Level 2. The former is two days and the Level 2 course runs across five days. Other cities around the UK, including Edinburgh and Manchester, will be home to Beer School venues later in 2017. 

Tyson noted that the course, which covers subjects such as: beer styles, keeping and serving beer, pairing beer with food and beer ingredients; would be suitable for those in the on and off-trades.

He said: "This course is designed to help advance careers and equip bartenders, servers, retailers and sommeliers with in-depth knowledge that can help enhance the customer experience, drive sales and increase profits. And if you're an enthusiast, the programme will make you the go to in-the-know beer expert, amongst your craft-beer loving friends."

The course is launching through an exclusive partnership with the Local Wine School, a UK-wide consumer wine education company. 

The BPET course is designed to prepare attendees with the knowledge to be able to take exams under the Certified Cicerone Training Program - which can be carried out online - although the BPET course is not affiliated or endorsed by the Cicerone Program. 

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