Asterley Bros reveals a ‘modern British Amaro’

Asterley Bros is launching a ‘modern British Amaro’, described as ‘Sicily meets London’.

Dispense Amaro is a unique blend handmade in South London using a Sicilian recipe. The idea of creating the drink arose when the creators and founders of Asterley Bros, Rob and Jim Asterley, were handed their Sicilian family’s secret recipe for Amaro and they decided to recreate the historic drink.

After studying recipes from the 17th Century’s ‘London Dispensatory’, a catalogue of the capital’s rich history of tonics and liqueurs, the brothers came up with Dispense, specifically created to suit today’s tastebuds. 

Amaro means bitter in Italian and traditionally this was drunk as a digestif, but the new Dispense Amaro is considered to be versatile enough to make a complex aperitif as well. The drink is made from a blend of 24 botanicals and the duo’s signature vermouth (produced from British Pinot Noir, supplied by Gusbourne Estates in Kent). The Amaro takes three months to make using traditional techniques.

The drink can be served with a tonic or as an addition to a gin and tonic. It is also a good cocktail ingredient, according to the company. 

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