Copper Rivet Distillery set to open in Kent

A new craft distillery is due to open its doors in Kent this summer, offering gin, vodka and other spirits for the UK and overseas markets. 

Copper Rivet Distillery, based in the Medway area of Kent, will brew and distil spirits "from grain to glass". The producer will take on the milling, brewing and fermentation of the malts and grains, distilling, resting and maturing of the spirits, as well as bottling and packaging; this will all be done under one roof using locally-farmed, hand-selected grains.

The distillery is the brainchild of Bob Russell and his sons Matthew and Stephen; the family are joined by head distiller Abhishek Banik.

Bob Russell said: "Chatham Maritime and the dockyard has an incredible heritage of craftsmanship, industry and innovation. We are hoping to replicate and reinvent this proud traditiona by producing exceptional gins, whiskies and vodkas from scratch in bespoke stills, wrought right here in Chatham, with the same skill that local craftsmen once fashioned world-class ships."

The core product range will include Masthouse, a single malt whisky; Dockyard Gin; Vela Vodka and Son of a Gun, am unaged grain spirit designed specially for cocktails.

Stephen Russell said: "In today's society, where everything is about repackaging and upselling, there is a consumer revolution taking place. Consumers are asking for bespoke and hand-crafted alternatives to mass produced products. It is really satsifying to feel we are playing a part in this revolution by creating something of real quality, from scratch, that consumers can discover, savour and enjoy."

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