Hogs Back launches Hogstar in cans

Hogs Back Brewery has announced its Hogstar English Craft Lager will soon be available in cans, following the success of its bottled and draught formats.

The brewery is introducing the 330ml canned format to meet growing demand for craft beer in this format; cans are also favoured by US craft brewers because of their lightweight, recyclability and versatility.

Hogstar is a 4.5% abv lager, which is brewed with five different hops and selected herb extracts,  and matured for over a month to allow flavours to deepen. The beer is slightly filtered and unpasteurized for a fresher taste.

Launched in 2013 in keg and bottles, Hogstar is now one of Hogs Back’s most popular beers, with stockists of the bottled version including Majestic, Tesco, Waitrose, Co-op, Matthew Clark and JD Wethersoon. The beer won a Gold Medal at the Society of Independent Brewers’ National Keg Beer ~Competition last year.

The Hogstar brand has been updated in time for the launch of the cans, and this new brand identity, which reinforces its English provenance and craft-brewed credentials, will be rolled out to the bottle and draught formats.

Managing director Rupert Thompson, said: “The image of cans has completely changed over recent years among discerning beer drinkers, and it seems the right pack format for Hogstar as one of the new generations of high quality, high flavour craft brewers.”

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