Kopparberg launches £5 million summer marketing campaign

Swedish fruit cider supplier Kopparberg has launched a £5 million marketing campaign as it seeks to overtake Bulmers as the UK’s most popular cider brand.

Kantar data to September 2014 shows that Bulmers has the highest consumer penetration of any cider brand, up 10%, followed by Kopparberg.

Its big goal in 2015 is to claim the number one spot – not in volume sales, where Strongbow reigns supreme, but in terms of consumer penetration.

Head of marketing Rob Calder said: “In 2015 our vision is to be the UK’s leading cider brand choice, to overtake Bulmers in terms of penetration. We are not about chasing volume. We are not going to pile it high and sell it cheap.”

Last year it ran TV and outdoor advertising and it decided to ramp up outdoor ads this year and take a break from the small screen because outdoor marketing worked so well in 2014.

Eight key cities across the UK – including London, Glasgow and Manchester – will be plastered with around 4,000 six-sheets in 1,900 busy areas.

The brand is giving its Strawberry & Lime variant a big push this year and the campaign will feature vines of strawberries and limes intertwining in tattoos on models in the ads.

The Kopparberg Urban Forest festival will also return to east London for five weeks between June and July.

A Spotify partnership is designed to “amplify the experiential activity to Kopparberg fans nationwide”.  

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