William Grant prepares to fire up Tullamore stills

William Grant expects the first spirit from its new €35 million distillery at Tullamore in Ireland to come on stream from mid-September.

The Scotch whisky firm invested in the new plant after buying the Tullamore Dew brand from C&C Group in 2010 and aims to bring production of the brand back to its home town.

The original Tullamore distillery closed 60 years ago and the Tullamore Dew brand has been produced under contract by third parties in recent times.

Production came a symbolic step closer with the installation of a triangular spirit safe, specially made in Scotland by the Forsyth Group to reflect Tullamore Dew’s triple-distillation and blend of three styles of whisky.

Denise Devenny, Tullamore Distillery’s process leader said: “The installation of the spirit safe marks a momentous milestone in returning whiskey production to Tullamore. 

“We saw the heart of the distillery being put in place right between the handcrafted pot and malt stills. 

“There is no better sight than seeing pure spirit washing around the mouth of the collection bowl and disappearing to be matured in casks, knowing that it will only reappear many years later to be enjoyed by generations of whiskey connoisseurs.”

The distillery will have an annual production capacity equivalent to around 1.5 million cases.