Wine Society launches Vintage Cellar Plan

The Wine Society’s buyers will select wines that benefit from ageing and send them out to subscribers under a scheme called the Vintage Cellar Plan. 

Members pay a minimum of £28 a month and buyers select wines according to their individual taste and budget and send them out every six months.

The plans are themed and include French Classics, World Classics, Rising Stars and White Burgundy.

Head of buying Tim Sykes said: “My first experience of proper wine was as a student in Paris where I was regularly invited to Sunday lunch by my then girlfriend's family. “The meal would always involve at least one bottle of fine Burgundy or claret, selected with great care from the family stash in the basement storeroom of their apartment block.

“The thrill was not simply to discover wines from some of the classic regions of France, but also to enjoy mature wines that had been carefully and thoughtfully laid down for several years until à point.

“Now, many years later, I am fortunate to be able to share wines from my own hoard with family and friends, having regularly put away a few cases in the coal cellar under my house until ready for drinking.

“For me, there is no greater pleasure to be derived from wine than opening a bottle of red wine at its evolutionary peak, when tannins have softened and rounded and when the complexity of age has taken over from the exuberance of youth.

“The fact that many of the wines are no longer available to purchase, or would be prohibitively expensive were they to be bought today, adds to the enjoyment.

“The Society's Vintage Cellar Plan offers an easy way for members to build up a cellar of wines from both well-established and up-and-coming producers from around the world, carefully selected by the buying team.

“All wines in the various plans carry 'drinking windows' that allow members to open their bottles confident in the knowledge that they will be drinking them at their best.”

To help spread the word the Wine Society is running a taster case promotion where new subscribers buy a taster case and subscribe to a plan and then receive a month’s free subscription. 

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