World Wine Agencies sold

New World specialist World Wine Agencies has been bought by Hayward Brothers in a deal to give the European-focused importer a broader portfolio.

Robert Hayward will be the company’s managing director with Tony Schendal as sales director and WWA founder Nicky Burstan becoming agency and marketing director.

London-based Hayward has a range of customers across duty-free retail and wholesale as well as private clients. It also specialises in Old World wines and is particularly known for its en primeur sales.

World Wine Agencies will retain its name and operate as a subsidiary of Hayward Brothers to offer a more comprehensive range of wines from across the world.

Hayward said: “Between World Wine Agencies and Hayward Brothers, Old World and New World, traditional and modern wines will all work together in partnership with one single goal: to sell more great wines to the right customers while representing their valued suppliers and servicing customer needs to the highest standard.”

Nicky Burston added: “Hayward Brothers is a family company, and its business, built over 80 years, has a unique network of supplier and customer links with particular expertise in European wines.

“World Wine Agencies has quickly established itself as an effective brand builder in a much shorter time than Hayward Brothers has been trading, and is a leading supplier of USA and New World wines to independent businesses. 

“The two companies found each other primarily because of a fundamental synergy in principles: working in partnership with high quality estates, building on in-depth marketing expertise and knowledge of the independent sector to deliver effectively against producer strategy and customer needs. Using economies of scale and exceptional service, our goal is to maintain and grow our customer base through recommendation and reputation.”

She added that the company had created a joint list for the portfolio that was “100% exclusive to our joint businesses and to the independent sector.”

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