St Stefanus Grand Cru launched

Belgian master brewer Jef Versele was in London last night to launch a 75cl St Stefanus Grand Cru that is crafted to mature in the bottle.

The 9% abv beer follows the traditional recipe of a “tripel” brew, designed to create a deep and complex taste.

At nine months – the age it is sold at – the Grand Cru is smooth, light and hazy in colour, with fruity notes of peach, banana, grapefruit and pineapple.

By 36 months, the beer will have matured into a rich, dry flavour with a golden colour and “Champagne-like character”.

Versele told guests the Grand Cru is his favourite drink for special occasions and that he was proud to have created a beer that caters to multiple palates.

The launch complements Miller Brands’ existing range of speciality beers and builds on launch of St Stefanus Blonde, a 7% abv Belgian Abbey beer released last year.

Sam Rhodes, director of customer marketing at Miller Brands, said: There is a rising trend for craft and speciality beers as they provide something unique for the consumer.

“St Stefanus Grand Cru is aimed at consumers who are enthusiastic about speciality beer and are looking for different taste experiences without compromising on authenticity, flavour or quality.

“By stocking more authentic and quality beers, retailers can encourage consumers to trade up and maximise profits.

“Belgian beers in particular offer a good opportunity for trading up and increasing profits as they command an average 52% increase in price in the off-trade (Nielsen MAT to 6/8/11) over the average bottled lager.”

The Grand Cru is a limited release. Each bottle is signed by Versele and includes the release date, so drinkers can choose when they want to open it based on their palates.

To order Grand Cru call Miller Brands on 01483 264118.

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