Romania tipped for wine stardom

Wine Rack has tipped Romania as an upcoming powerhouse in the wine trade after revealing its Romanian Pinot Grigio was selling as well as its Italian version.

Chairman Laki Christoforou said: “Romania is the one country that has really taken me by surprise this year, with some unbelievable wines.

“They have some unbelievably priced wines coming out of Romania and sales have really surprised me.

“I think UK consumers are open-minded – 60-70% will see Romania and not pick up the bottle but the others who pick up the wine have been really impressed.

“It’s really competitively priced.

“At Wine Rack, Romanian Pinot Grigio is selling as well as Italian Pinot Grigio and that is really impressive numbers.”

Caroline Gilby MW is another advocate of Romanian wine and she hosts masterclasses on the subject.

She said: “It is in the top ten in the world in terms of grape growing and production.

“Wine is a big part of the Romanian culture and they are big wine drinkers.

“It has always been a big exporter but now it is a net importer and enlightened people are saying it’s a good thing that they are being exposed to more modern wine tastes.

“There are now lots of mid-sized and smaller producers that have travelled and are passionate about wine, and they are making good quality wine.”

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