Jose Cuervo invests in new serve for Tradicional tequila

Jose Cuervo is doubling its marketing spend on its 100% agave tequila Tradicional in a bid to promote it as a drink that can be sipped.

The world’s largest tequila brand is trying to appeal to over 25s by presenting it as a sophisticated spirit that can be sipped as well as shot.

“As people begin to understand how it is made and where it comes from, they are appreciating its authenticity as a category and its complexity as a spirit,” said Peter Gutierrez, international managing director of Jose Cuervo.

“Nowhere is this more the case than in the UK. People are developing a love for 100% agave tequila that is sipped ice-cold with friends – of course how they do in Mexico.

“In Mexico, friends go out and sip tequila like British people go out for a beer.

“Shot consumption is a high pocket of growth and we do not want to forsake out heartland, but we want to showcase a different way of drinking it.”

To boost sales, Cuervo has launched the Tradicional After Supper Club in Dalston, east London, where people enjoy food, drink and music.

The nights focus heavily on the Mexican tradition of serving tequila with sangrita – a blended juice made with citrus fruits, tomatoes, and spices.

This has been deconstructed by the brand, and ripe cherry tomatoes halved and dipped into celery salt, pepper and sugar are followed by a sip of Tradicional.

“We hope people will buy Tradicional from the shops and make this Deconstructed Sangrita at home as it is fun and easy to make,” said said Pierpaolo Indelicato, senior commercial manager at Jose Cuervo International. “Tequila has the ability to connect people, transcending age and socio-demographic groups, on occasions where friends come together to enjoy good times.

“Our challenge is to communicate this to a demographic of 25-plus year old consumers to whom the spirit has lost relevance and appeal, but are willing to re-evaluate tequila.”

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