Naked Wines invests in Marlborough winemaker

Naked Wines is investing £526,000 to help Marlborough winemaker Mike Paterson set up his own label.

Paterson has been head winemaker at Jackson Estate for some years, but will hand over the full-time winemaking role to focus on his own project, Lay of the Land.

He will make three wines exclusively for Naked Wines customers, the first of which is to arrive at the end of this month.

When the wine – Lay of the Land Destination 2011, a premium Sauvignon Blanc – reaches the UK more than 2,000 cases will be sold for £12.49 a bottle or £8.99 for Naked Wines’ angels.

Paterson said: “Lay of the Land wines have been a long time coming. I’ve always dreamt of making my own wine but the financial equation was beyond scary.

“The respect I hold for the team and owners of Jackson is immeasurable, but after talking with the innovative team at Naked Wines’ about their investment model, I knew I had to seize the opportunity.

“After only six months of being in touch with Naked my dream has become a reality. My ambition with Lay of the Land series wines is to capture the varietal, seasonal and individual vineyard expressions of Marlborough’s unique landscape, with fruit grown by trusted friends.”

Naked Wines founder Rowan Gormley said: “After talking with Mike, it took us all of a minute to agree to fund him. He’s an exciting talent and we knew our angels would rally around to support him.” 

Paterson is also making a Pinot Noir for Naked, which will sell on the site later this year.

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