Slurp ventures into daily deals

Online drinks retailer Slurp is to introduce daily deal promotions in a move it hopes will appeal to supermarket wine shoppers.

The company is building a dedicated list of subscribers for its Slurp Deals programme, and aims to take the num- bers signing up to more than 100,000 by running advertising on third-party websites.

Deals will feature wines, beers, spirits and accessories, with discounts running as deep as 80%.

There will be two promotions at a time, one each on entry-level and premium products, with limited time and stock availability.

Chief executive Jeremy Howard said deals would run for a maximum of three days.

Slurp has previously run “flash sales” offering consumers deep discounts on a range of products for 20-30 minutes, promoted through Twitter and Facebook, but Howard said these had now been stopped.

“We thought people would retweet and that would generate sales, but the truth is they didn’t at all,” said Howard. “We’ve taken lessons from that, mainly that price isn’t everything. People still want to be sold a product and hear the story behind it.”

Slurp will still be encouraging customers to share the daily deals through social media.

Each deal will be supported by an online video featuring the company’s resident online tasting expert, Victoria Daskal, explaining more about the product and why it was chosen for the promotion.

“It’s a combination of good old-fashioned product sales and the element of price that lots of people have become addicted to,” said Howard.

“But this will be just one aspect of what we do and we know it won’t be for everyone in our customer base, which is why we want it to have a separate distribution list.

“It will mainly appeal to the sorts of people who buy most of their wine in supermarkets and on promotion.”

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