New mobile site for Drinkaware

Drinkaware has launched a new version of its mobile site which offers different content during the day and at night – after seeing a 200% increase in mobile phone traffic.

Visitors to the site from mobiles grew to 366,000 last year, from 122,000 in 2010.

The charity found that most people visited from mobiles before or during a night out, or the morning after. 

Now the site offers facts and advice on hangovers, the effects of alcohol and alcohol poisoning during the day, and facts and advice on driving and the legal limit, how alcohol affects your sleep and the units and calories in alcohol at night.

It also includes popular tools to help adults cut down their drinking, such as the “burger equivalent” of the calories in drinks and how daily unit guidelines for men and women translate into drinks.

Drinkaware chief executive Chris Sorek said: “We know that people accessing our website from mobiles on a night out or lying in bed with a hangover want quick and easy access to the facts and advice about alcohol. 

“Behaviour change is at the heart of Drinkaware’s approach. Our new mobile site allows you to access tips and tools on the move to help change your behaviour and think about the long term health impact of your drinking. Whether you are buying alcohol in a shop, bar, pub or club – or feeling sorry for yourself the morning after – Drinkaware’s mobile site is with you whenever you need it.” 

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