Majestic trials TV ads

Majestic is broadcasting its first ever TV ads in a pilot scheme to attract supermarket wine shoppers.

The campaign is running for four weeks on ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 in the London TV area, mainly around food programmes, and is being backed up by national press ads in food magazines and Sunday supplements.

Chief executive Steve Lewis said: “This is not a campaign, it is just a trial to see if we can impove brand awareness of Majestic among supermarket shoppers. 

“We do a lot of research into our existing customers, but for the first time last January we did a big research project into wine consumers who spend at least £5 per bottle of wine but who are not customers of Majestic. 

“There are a large number of people who look and sound like our consumers but who don’t yet shop with Majestic.”

Once the campaign has finished, another research project will assess how much scope there is for Majestic to boost its brand awareness.

Lewis added: “This has got nothing to do with sales this Christmas – it is about whether is worth investing more in brand awareness in the long term.”

Majestic reported pre-tax profits up by 20% to £8.8 million in its report for the half-year to September 26. The chain’s total sales grew 8.7% to £127.8 million, with active customer numbers registered on its database up 7.7% to 534,000.

The chain has stepped up its programme of store openings, with 16 new shops this year, compared to 12 last year and six the year before.

Lewis said new shops have been getting off to a flying start since it reduced its minimum purchase from 12 to six bottles.

“It makes it so much easier to try us out,” he explained. 

Online sales grew 8.7% on the year before and now make up 9% of Majestic’s UK retail sales. 

Lewis said the chain is using its website to continue offering small parcels of interesting wines as it expands. Small parcels are being sold exclusively online and then dispatched to shops for delivery to customers.

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