Tesco revamps wine aisle

Tesco is revamping the look of its wine aisles after carrying out its largest ever piece of wine consumer research.

The research identified consumers as two main types – the “engage me” customer, who enjoys browsing and is interested in wine, and the “tell me” customer who is looking to retailers for guidance and can be intimidated by the so-called wall of wine.

The new look includes “featured” sections with space for extra product information and areas dedicated to the supermarket’s premium own-label Finest. There will also be sections entitled Great With, Best Sellers and a selection of Tesco’s favourite wines. It will be rolled out from mid-August.

Wine category manager Claire Lorains said: “We are very excited about these changes and the fact that they have been driven by talking extensively with customers. Both our range and strategy have to meet the needs of the two groups in order to grow the wine category overall. Our significantly updated selection and new in-store layout ensures we are able to offer interesting and relevant wines, clearly identified, to all our customers no matter how they prefer to shop.”

Tesco has added 150 new lines this summer, including more fine wine and 5.5% abv wines from Australia.

Senior product development manager Laura Jewell MW said: “I am really pleased with the great variety of new wines that we have introduced and believe these will appeal to our very diverse customer base. In the past year, we have also redeveloped or introduced more than 50 new Finest lines, taking the range to over 100.”

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