Grapes and deals equally important to shoppers

Grape variety and promotional offers are the most important considerations for wine consumers after the colour of the wine, a You Gov survey has found.?The research, commissioned for the Wilson Drinks Report, found that 47% of off-trade wine consumers use colour as their main buying cue. Of these consumers, 27% said they then choose by grape variety, while the same proportion said offers, including discounts, are the second factor in their purchasing decision.?“Supermarkets and off-licences that mainly display their wines by colour are doing the right thing, according to our analysis,” said Tim Wilson, managing director of the Wilson Drinks Report. “However, what is also very interesting is that grape variety is more important in shoppers’ decision making than either country of origin or brand.?“Few retailers display their wines specifically by colour and then grape variety, although some are now trialling wine style and food matching to encourage shoppers to buy better wines.”?Country of origin was cited by 6% of those polled as the most important buying decision on wine, while only 3% said brand was the main influence.?“Many shoppers are scared when they stand in front of big wine displays and lack the confidence to make informed choices,” added Wilson. “Their decision-making can be very basic and retailers risk losing out on higher-value sales when shoppers simply choose wine by colour and then see what is on special offer or at a certain price point.”?Research carried out by Wine Intelligence last September among regular wine consumers found that promotions are important to 70% of UK wine drinkers. This was followed by grape variety (69%), brand awareness (65%), friend or family recommendations (60%), country of origin (59%) and region of origin (50%).