CAP takes on new recruit

There are now more than 35 Community Alcohol Partnership schemes around the country and the project has proved so popular that it is recruiting a second full-time employee.

Wine & Spirit Trade Association CAP officer Philip Loring said the scheme will extend to teaching school children to approach alcohol sensibly this year.

The first CAP scheme in Northern Ireland launched recently, and is a "different kettle of fish" from English schemes - showing how adaptable the projects are, according to Loring.

"We are moving away from a them-and-us mentality to working in partnership to resolve local issues," he said.

"We strongly believe in alcohol partnerships, and will be looking at further activity this year on the education front.

"Once we have turned off the tap of [direct] supply we have to do more to do more work on proxy purchasing, the supply of alcohol by parents and education within schools."

Loring was speaking at the Best Bar None-organised Is Big Society a Partnership conference today (March 15).

BBN chief executive Neil Robertson said: "If you want to change people's attitudes you can't just control supply - prohibition showed that doesn't work. You do that by reducing demand for binge alcohol.

"Demand side measures are in their infancy compared to demand side measures for drugs - I think we can learn from effective demand side measures for drugs."